Using the latest techniques and user interface tools, we create next-generation web applications, that users love. We use a next-generation javascript framework, Ember.js. Ember.js helps us write ambitious web applications.

We aim to service rail logistic companies willing to improve on their workflow. Not just to improve their business but also to improve ours. Self-motivated clients tend to work along and make things possible for us to develop by embedding new ideas into their DNA.

It's beautiful

We spend a lot of effort on the User experience of the tool. After things fall in place we look at the aesthetics. This ensures a smooth ride for the user, and maintain stability. Use cases often bring up new functionality and improvements. We try to implement as many of them as possible.

It's fast

By giving the technology stack and clean code a lot of thought the base of the system runs like a charm. You can imagine a client working in Plonquo managing several hundreds of trains moving stuff all over Europe can easily clutter the speed and usability of any planning system.

Plonquo is build with big data in mind, the trick is to be able to see the details important to you at that moment.

It's efficient

Planning assets often include elements like, what sort of asset, the place of the asset, the contents of that asset, the movements of that asset and so on. By planning in Plonquo the user can build custom views and get the needed information quick but keep the overall overview on the precess at the same time.

A planning board with dense information, designed to give the operator a good overview of the tasks which must be performed.

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