Jaimy Bouwman - Designer


I was born and raised in a small town called Zutphen, since I grew up I always had a passion to draw, wich I still do now a days. Im hardly satisfied with products I either animatie, draw or design. Im a so called perfectionist I want to make everything perfect. I also love to breakdance in my spare time wich I’ve been doing for arround 10 years now.

Over all

I graduated back in 2013 at Rijnijssel after I graduated I really wanted to learn more in the design world. So I decided to do a bachelor in design, which Im still doing today. Fabriquartz offered me to do my internship here, Im very happy with this opportunity.


  • Gé-Jé Overschie
  • Chantal Broeren
    Lead software engineer
  • Luuk de Clercq
    User interface tester
  • Pieter van Laatum
    Software engineer
  • Michael Wenting
    Software engineer
  • Hannah Mauritz
    Software engineer
  • Arne Diehl
    Software engineer
  • Mark Havekes
    Software engineer
  • Cédric Remond
    Software engineer
  • Floris van Voorst
    Software engineer
  • Ernest Mistiaen
    UI/UX designer
  • Jaimy Bouwman