Heng Luo - Software engineer


Based on the fact that I grew in China and educated in Netherlands, I build my sophisticated mindset. I quite enjoy this journey, which I am able to remain who I am and learn/ experience/grow with what I see in western world. Speaking of traveling, sporting, parenting, learning, storyteller those are the keywords you may find out about me.


Over all

Embrace life and being positive for good

  • Gé-Jé Overschie
  • Chantal Broeren
    Lead software engineer
  • Michael Wenting
    Software engineer
  • Hannah Mauritz
    Software engineer
  • Arne Diehl
    Software engineer
  • Mark Havekes
    Software engineer
  • Cédric Remond
    Software engineer
  • Heng Luo
    Software engineer
  • Floris van Voorst
    Software engineer
  • Ernest Mistiaen
    UI/UX designer
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