Gé-Jé Overschie - Owner


Working hard with a small team on the development of highly advanced planning software. Our software is suited to a wide range of uses: From a weekly repeating training schedule for a soccer club to a complex ever changing planning with multiple planning dimensions for a large rail operator.

Over all

My working experiences combine IT projects applied to process industry, production workshops, maintenance management, creating a safety / quality management system.

  • Gé-Jé Overschie
  • Chantal Broeren
    Lead software engineer
  • Arne Diehl
    Software engineer
  • Mark Havekes
    Software engineer
  • Cédric Remond
    Software engineer
  • Floris van Voorst
    Software engineer
  • Luuk de Clercq
    User interface tester
  • Pieter van Laatum
    Software engineer
  • Michael Wenting
    Software engineer
  • Hannah Mauritz
    Software engineer
  • Ernest Mistiaen
    UI/UX designer
  • Jaimy Bouwman