Who we are

Working hard with a small team on the development of highly advanced planning software. Our software is suited for a wide range of uses: From a weekly repeating trainings schedule for a soccer club to a complex ever changing planning with multiple planning dimensions for a large rail operator.

We have a mission

In order to plan, track and invoice these processes, one needs a good information system with a well tuned user interface. That’s what we deliver to our customers. A planning board with dense information, designed to give the operator a good overview of the tasks which must be performed.

  • Gé-Jé Overschie
  • Chantal Broeren
    Lead software engineer
  • Florian Beijers
  • Mark Havekes
    Software engineer
  • Jeroen Janssen
    Software engineer
  • Cédric Remond
    Software engineer
  • Ben Schoenmakers
    Software engineer
  • Floris van Voorst
    Software engineer
  • Hannah Mauritz
    Software engineer
  • Arne Diehl
    Software engineer
  • Heng Luo
    Software engineer
  • Michael Wenting
    Software engineer
  • Pascal Engelbarts
    Software engineer
  • Jaimy Bouwman
  • Ernest Mistiaen
    UI/UX designer

How we work

We are pretty confident that our code is solid, how we know? Because we fit production of that code into a tight workflow. Think, build, test and rethink shapes code that stands it ground in demanding and complex situations. We care bigtime about people, so we serve only the best coffee and everyone needs to laugh at least once a day.

Have we already told you that you can contact us right now?!